Managing Projects, Processes and Production

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What Virtuosity does

Project Management

Applying modern processes, methods and tools to achieve your project objectives.

  • Definition (project needs, scope, target outcomes)
  • Planning (timeline, budget, risks)
  • Design (overview, inputs, outputs, actions, data flows, task dependencies)
  • Development (evaluation, testing, automations)
  • Documentation (versioning, manuals, maintenance plan)
  • Implementation (responsibilities, accuracy checks, KPIs)

Process Management

Aligning processes with your organization's strategic goals, designing and implementing process architectures.

  • Audit systems and processes (assess their outcomes and risks)
  • Design and develop SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Implement and coordinate strategic solutions (systems, policies)
  • Optimize processes via SaaS to improve productivity and automation gains
  • Quality control of end outputs

Operations Management

Analyzing data and preparing KPIs to identify main needs and opportunities.

  • End-to-end supply chain management (suppliers, production, distribution)
  • Data collection, manipulation, and analysis (spreadsheets and other data tools)
  • Preparing KPIs, charts, and financial reports
  • Identify problems and opportunities

Production Management

Aligning end-to-end supply chain to ensure quality control and cost-effectiveness.

  • Production planning (Stock Forecasting, Production Schedule, Supplier orders)
  • Distribution (Cross-border distribution, logistics, fulfillment)
  • Production Quality Control (Product and Raw material Specifications and Quality reports)
  • Production Productivity (COGS, Cost-effectiveness Models, Sourcing Optimisation)

Not an inventor, but an improver!

Hi, I'm Bojan, a project manager from Croatia.

With a Master's degree in Business IT, and almost a decade of experience, I am a skilled professional in virtual project management and business administration. 

For the past several years, I have been working on multiple projects with a UK startup Ketosource. These included developing frameworks and operating procedures that have resulted in making it one of the fastest-growing health startups in Europe.

Previously, I had also worked as a Professional associate for projects at the University of Rijeka, where I was in charge of writing project plans and organizing events.

My aim is to always deliver high-quality work in an effective manner and make sure your company runs smoothly.

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